OUR HOME // lifestyle photography

If you follow me on Instagram, you've been seeing a LOT of my new Nashville home. I can't help snapping away when the light is just right and our place feels extra bright and cozy. So of course I wanted to share some photos here!

It's been so long since Sam and I had a place to call our own. I haven't shared much of our moving story (because let's be honest, moving is crazy and stressful) But now that we're settled, I wanted to share a little bit about the whole crazy thing!

As most of you know, Sam is from Sydney, Australia and we lived there for 5 years together in a small beach town called Cronulla. It was our first home together and we loved every bit of our lives there. But three years ago we felt like it was time for another adventure. The US was calling - and specifically Nashville! It took us a little while to finally get here (thank you US Immigration), but now that we are it all feels worth it.

We started decorating our home from scratch - which is crazy insane and I wouldn't recommend it (unless you sold ALL of your belongings in another country and have just a small shipping container of practical items arriving in 4-6 months. Ugh!) So needless to say, we turned to Pinterest for inspiration and starting dreaming up each room. I wanted minimal, mid-century style with a little bit of Scandinavian influence and plenty of plants! 

Our first piece of furniture was this gorgeous leather couch from Article (which inspired the entire living room design). I've done a whole blog post on this beauty if you want to know more about it! Aside from that, my other favorite item is our vintage record player sideboard, which is always playing a tune. We searched Craigslist religiously for the perfect piece and one night, at 11pm we found it! Sam re-wired the entire piece and it works beautifully now - it even streams Spotify from our phones :)

My other favorite room is our dining room, where we sit each morning and chat over coffee. The decor is simple with a cowhide rug, vintage light fixture and DIY leather shelf, but it's such a nice place to start the day! This first photo was taken a few days after we moved-in and the others are more recent. Progress!!

I also love our home studios. It's where we spend most of our time and we've both made the rooms our own. Sam's studio is perfect for writing, with a big comfy couch, guitars on the wall and a standing desk. My office is bright white with framed photos, scattered succulents and twinkle lights above the desk.

It's all still a work in progress, but it feels so much like home!