JESSICA + THEO // married

Where do I even begin with this wedding?! From the minute I met Jess and Theo I knew their wedding was going to be amazing. Jess is so beautiful and poised, and Theo's smile could light up the world! They had already hired one of my all-time FAVORITE wedding planners (Julissa at Clementine Custom Events) and were planning the most glamorous affair at Adler Planetarium. 

From Jess' stunning custom gown (which complimented her perfectly) to Theo's bright purple jacket, these two were absolutely dripping in style. We started the day at the Sheraton Grand on the Chicago Riverwalk, and when the weather was looking bad Julissa and I made some quick decisions to bump up the timeline and take the whole wedding party down to the river! Before the storms rolled in, we snuck in the first-look, portraits AND bridal party pictures. BAM! 

Then it was off to the Art Institute of Chicago for a few more portraits and onto Adler Planetarium for the main event. Just minutes before their ceremony was set to start, the skies cleared and we were awestruck by the most incredible sunset! I literally ran downstairs to grab Jess and Theo from their room, we begged a giant moving truck to pull away from the skyline and then....MAGIC! I couldn't believe our luck. Although, that's just the kind of magic that happens when two incredible people get married :)


Jess and Theo celebrated their marriage with two ceremonies - one traditional and the other Korean! This Paebaek ceremony was full of traditions - the bride and groom bow to family, accept words of wisdom, drink wine and then their famil members throw dates and chestnuts into a cloth to signify how many children the couple will have! Needless to say, it makes for a lot of laughter :) 

Then, to finish the ceremony, Theo carried Jess on his back around the room to signify his strength! It was such an amazing ceremony to witness.