THE YOUNGS // newborn + family photography

Oh my goodness, what a little bundle of sweetness!! 

I just love newborn shoots, and even more so when they are with families I love so dearly. My good friends Chelsea and her husband Greg welcomed baby June into the world on August 22, 2017 and just three days later I got to meet this sweet little girl. She has two older siblings - Ella, 3 and Arlo, 2 - so we made sure to capture plenty of candid family moments with everyone. Her brother and sister make June look so teeny-tiny, and I'm so excited for the Youngs to have these photo memories in the years to come. Nothing like your two older siblings hamming it up at YOUR photoshoot, huh June!

At the end of our family session, with June all tuckered out, we took some sleepy-baby portraits which are just so precious. I wouldn't call myself a "newborn photographer" - posing and contorting the little ones into crazy positions - but I do love taking natural photos of newborns all curled up in blankets and baskets. Nothing too crazy or stressful, but just as sweet and memorable :)

If you'd like to read about June's birth story, you can visit Chelsea's blog here. She is basically Wonder Woman and a total inspiration.