BOBBY HOTEL // pool + bar photography

The rooftop pool and bar at the Bobby Hotel is really something special. The design is awesome - far, far away from the popular minimalistic all-white-everything aesthetic - with colorful tiles, a bold bar and an actual BUS on the rooftop. The bar was handprinted by talented local artist Andie Estes and serves up delicious cocktails.

If you missed my earlier posts about my work for the Bobby Hotel, below is a little recap :)

This brand new property in Downtown Nashville has such a unique personality and has been one of the most creatively rewarding projects to work on! My work for Bobby included architectural photos, model room photos, food and drink photography, and lifestyle/social photos to support the opening of the hotel. I worked with the Marketing Director to develop a visual identity for the hotel through photography - creating a rich, dark and eccentric vibe. Each amenity in the hotel has a different personality (the garage bar is grungy and gritty, the cafe is bright and airy, the rooms are dramatic and bold) but the overall gallery is consistent with the hotel's brand identity