URBAN COWBOY NASHVILLE // interior photography

It's one of the most iconic and sought-after Airbnb properties in Nashville and I was lucky enough to get a day-pass into this exclusive 1890's Victorian House to shoot an editorial spread for Hunker as part of their The New Hometeliers series. 

I think Elliot David put it best in his article: "The properties, based in Brooklyn and Nashville and known collectively as Urban Cowboy, are darlings for travelers across the world and listed in Travel and Leisure's top 15 city hotels โ€”no doubt due to their eclectic, sophisticated blend of southwestern, industrial, bohemian, Victorian, and Deco styles that seems tailor-made for a generation whose travel tastes have been formed by Instagram and Airbnb."

After a few minutes with owner/designer/trendsetter, Lyon Porter, you can see where this incredible property gets it's personality. Plus, the unique rooms, on-site bar and restaurant and countless Instagrammable scenes don't hurt!

You can read the full story on Urban Cowboy at Hunker.com