URBAN COWBOY NASHVILLE // interior photography

It's one of the most iconic and sought-after Airbnb properties in Nashville and I was lucky enough to get a day-pass into this exclusive 1890's Victorian House to shoot an editorial spread for Hunker as part of their The New Hometeliers series. 

I think Elliot David put it best in his article: "The properties, based in Brooklyn and Nashville and known collectively as Urban Cowboy, are darlings for travelers across the world and listed in Travel and Leisure's top 15 city hotels —no doubt due to their eclectic, sophisticated blend of southwestern, industrial, bohemian, Victorian, and Deco styles that seems tailor-made for a generation whose travel tastes have been formed by Instagram and Airbnb."

After a few minutes with owner/designer/trendsetter, Lyon Porter, you can see where this incredible property gets it's personality. Plus, the unique rooms, on-site bar and restaurant and countless Instagrammable scenes don't hurt!

You can read the full story on Urban Cowboy at Hunker.com