JOWISSA // brand photography

It's not every day you get to Skype Switzerland!

Earlier this year I jumped on the call with Swiss watch brand Jowissa to talk about their brand photography. It was a big task - as they have a huge selection of watch styles and are consistently releasing new timepieces. But I do love a challenge :)

Each month I work with the marketing team to concept and shoot a series of photos to represent the Jowissa brand. It's a little different to traditional brand imagery - where I try to stay true to the brand identity and style guide - because variety is key with Jowissa! We focus on different color stories, multiple locations, and unique lighting to create a vibrant gallery and appeal to different tastes. I also use composition, color and lighting as tools to draw attention to an otherwise "small" object in the photo and highlight the detail in each watch.

I'm so excited to continue working with this team throughout the year and to see where the Jowissa brand goes!