LIGHT AND LADDER // product photography

It was such a joy photographing the beautiful ceramic collections of Light & Ladder. How could I resist combining my love of photography and love of plants in one big beautiful job!?

Owner and designer, Farrah, makes the most stunning ceramic pieces in her Brooklyn Studio. Her work is "strikingly simple" and each piece is designed with a beautiful functionality in mind. I am personally in awe of her pieces. 

Over the past few months we have worked together (from across the country!) to complete her full product image library and I'm so pleased with the result. Crisp, consistent and color-perfect, the product galleries really showcase Farrah's work.

Each product page features a scrolling gallery, which cycles through photos of the products: 

Working with planters was a challenge, as we needed to find the perfect plants for each vessel. Size, shape, color and leaf-shape were all important factors and Farrah's clear creative vision helped in our selection process. Then I got to work planting 30+ succulents, hanging plants and cacti! From there, I styled and shot the products in a few different set-ups and even played around with some "lifestyle" scenes.

In the end, I think we created a visually stunning product gallery which highlights the simplicity and beautiful craftsmanship of Farrah's ceramics. Below is a small selection of the photos...