HAWAII // travel photography

Hawaii is my happy place. From the pristine beaches, to the magical sunsets, and vibrant, tropical flowers...everything about the islands just speaks to my soul. 

Last month I visited my close friend Ruth, who lives on the Big Island. Long before Instagram and Insta-meets and thousands of dating apps, Ruth and I met on the Internet the good ol'fashioned way ... I was an aspiring photographer and saw her photos on a wedding blog. I was in awe of her photography and after reading her website's About page thought, "We should be friends!" So I emailed her and said just that...

Six years later, we're planning international rendezvous and shooting weddings together. DREAM. COME. TRUE. I had the most incredible week with Ruth, her husband Paka and her precious daughter Mila (who's naked booty is the CUTEST) And it was so special to shoot a wedding alongside my bestie! Keep an eye on Ruth's blog to see the photos!