WHISTLEPUNK // brand photography

When the men's grooming company Whistlepunk asked me to come down to Percy Priest Lake, hop on a boat with 5 good looking, shirtless men and photograph them having a great time, I think it took all of two seconds for me to say YES!

Is this really my job!?

You may even recognize one of these models... my fiancรฉ Sam. I mean, how lucky am I!? Yowza.

ANYWAY, I'm getting distracted! Whistlepunk makes fine mens grooming products in small batches, with organic and natural ingredients. This imagery was shot for their Summer 2017 campaign and is being used across social media, web, marketing, PR, etc. Basically, when you have a group of guys THIS good looking willing to take their shirts off and model for your product, you plaster those images EVERYWHERE ;)